The Story of Tahoe Donner

Why Choose Tahoe Donner SM For Your Second Home?

Tahoe Donner  is a four-season resort home community located in the Town of Truckee, a major winter and summer recreation center high in Northern California's Sierra Nevada; yet close to Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Convenience and affordability are only two of the reasons to consider purchasing a vacation home in Tahoe Donner . Tahoe Donner area homeowners have easy access to Interstate-80. This means they do not have to drive miles of 2-lane feeder highways to reach I-80 as do second homeowners in other areas of Truckee and Lake Tahoe. The Reno-Tahoe International Airport is within 40 minutes and the Sacramento Airport is within 90 minutes. Both are very easy to fly in and out of and they offer direct or connecting flights to all major destinations. And the Truckee Airport is close-by for private aircraft.

Tahoe Donner area real estate is more affordable than real estate in other Truckee - Tahoe resort home communities, yet most amenities are equal to or better than their neighbors. And the variety of design, setting and price of Tahoe Donner area homes offer the second home buyer a greater selection to choose from.

The Tahoe Donner area prides itself in being a family oriented "Four Seasons of Fun" resort home community! The Tahoe Donner area encompasses 3,300 beautiful acres with majestic pines, clear running streams, and picturesque mountain views of the High Sierra.

Owning a second home in the Tahoe Donner ℠ area (you can call it "our cabin at Tahoe") means you and your family and friends can enjoy the year-around activities offered by your own world-class amenities. And you can ski at all of the nearby resorts such as Squaw Valley, Northstar, Sugar Bowl, Alpine Meadows, Mt. Rose, Boreal Ridge, and the cross-country center at Royal Gorge.

In the summer you will be able to play golf at your own, newly renovated, 18-hole championship course in Tahoe Donner or on the nearby courses. Coyote Moon, Timilick, Old Greenwood, Gray's Crossing, Northstar, Squaw Valley, Ponderosa, Gold Mountain, Graeagle and the myriad of courses in nearby Reno all offer challenges to golfers of every level.

Children of members and guests will have a busy summer packed with fun activities and lessons including day and adventure camps (ages 3-16), swimming, golf, sailing, and horsemanship.

And the trout fishing of the Northern Sierra is spectacular! Or you can kayak and raft the Truckee, sail The Lakes, mountain bike, hike or ride a horse. It is all here for you to do!

The Tahoe Donner ℠ area has dedicated a large portion of the resort's property to open space, parks, streams, hiking trails, and wilderness areas - all for the enjoyment of the property owners.

The Tahoe Donner area is truly a nature lover's paradise. In addition to the magnificent scenery and tranquility, the Tahoe Donner ℠ area offers year around recreational activities for every member of the real estate owner's family and friends.

Take action today while Tahoe Donner area real estate is still the most affordable of all the Tahoe resort communities! Call (530)536-0086 to request more information!

More About the Tahoe Donner SM Area

The Tahoe Donner area does not offer the cookie cutter housing styles of many real estate developments. Tahoe Donner area homes have been designed and constructed over the years by small independent contractors, thus providing a wide selection of size, features and styles.

The Tahoe Donner area's real estate inventory is generally comprised of existing homes, condominiums, town-homes, and lots - and there are always a limited number high-end "spec" homes on the market. Prices range from the one hundred-thousands for a Tahoe Donner Ski Hill Studio Condominium to over 2 million dollars for a high quality custom home with a view.

The History of Tahoe Donner
The Tahoe Donner area is a vacation home real estate community located in Truckee, California. Founded by the Dart Corporation in the early 1970s, the Tahoe Donner area has grown into one of the west's premier communities of second home real estate. "Old-timers" will talk of the Tahoe Donner ℠ area's early days when lots were first laid out and REALTORS would use Jeeps to drive prospective clients over the unpaved roads to view the Tahoe Donner Golf Course and mountain-view lots. Many of the early cabins in Tahoe Donner were pre-manufactured structures sold under the "Serendipity" label.

It has been reported that the Tahoe Donner area's Trout Creek and Alder Creek offered very good trout fishing. Dart relinquished the management of Tahoe Donner to the homeowners association in the early 1980s. The Tahoe Donner ℠ Homeowners Association is governed by a member elected board of directors and all owners of Tahoe Donner area real estate are required to pay an annual property owners fee.

The Tahoe Donner SM Homeowners Association continues to operate the many amenities and support functions necessary for the enjoyment and safety of the primary and second owners of Tahoe Donner area real estate. Day-to-day management is led by an experienced manager of resort communities and his staff of professional and support personnel.

The Tahoe Donner area's average daily temperatures range from 75 degrees in July to 22 degrees in January. Nighttime temperatures can be considerably lower. The elevation varies from 5900 to 7400 feet, average rainfall is 8.3 inches and average snow depth is 8 feet (but it can vary from several feet to over 30 feet at higher elevations).

Major airline connections can be made through the Reno/Tahoe Airport and bus, taxi, rental cars and train service are all available in Truckee.

About Community Services
Owners of real estate within the resort community of Tahoe Donner and owners of real estate in the Town of Truckee enjoy the service of reliable utility companies. Electricity and water are supplied by the Truckee-Donner Public Utility District. Most homes are on natural gas supplied by Southwest Gas, some few are still on propane, electricity or wood for heat. Sewage systems are maintained by the Truckee-Tahoe Sanitation Agency and the Truckee Sanitary District.

The Town of Truckee maintains all streets including snow removal; private contractors are available for the driveway snow removal of owners of Truckee and Tahoe Donner area real estate. Police protection is supplied by the Town of Truckee and fire protection is provided by Truckee Fire Protection District. High speed internet access is available via cable, satellite, or (in many areas) DSL.

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